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July 27, 2005

New Project Ideas

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So here is a list of my new projects:

  • Wireless Controller System
    The goal of this project is to expand on the USB NES and make the controllers wireless while keeping the USB interface. I am not yet sure how to have the USB controller create more than 1 controller, but I am guessing that it is possible using the device descriptors. Ideally I could use 1 reciever and up to 4 different controllers and have the reciever detect the type of controller so you can use NES, SNES, Sega, etc… Although I am just trying to get an NES controller working for now.

  • UltraSonic Ranging Device
    My idea for this is to use a servo motor attached to a ultrasonic ranging device and create a hand-held sonar imaging system. The range should be about 15-20 feet with a graphical LCD showing the surroundings. The device will also have serial and USB communications. The board design is done and I am working on the layout.

  • Vehicle Datalogger
    Essentially, I would like to use accelerometers and gyrometers to determine a vehicles acceleration, speed, and distance traveled (similiar concept to the USB Zapper). This in conjunction with a GPS would yield interesting and fairly reliable data. I would also like to add an ignition wire clamp to log the vehicle RPM’s. There would also be 10 (or so) analog inputs and 10 (or so) digital inputs to log other events in the car. With this information, it would be fairly easy to calculate things like Horsepower, Torque, 1/4 mile time, reaction time, … There is one point that is really holding me up though, I haven’t figured out a sufficient way to determine the shift points in the car. This would be easy enough if the driveline RPM was known, but how can it be done without driveline RPM or a transmission sensor? Anyone have any suggestions/ideas?!

  • July 8, 2005


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    I ordered prototypes for a couple of upcoming projects about a week and a half ago. They should be coming in soon which will allow me to finish up some other projects. Included in this batch of boards were the USB NES v2, Wireless USB NES, USB Zapper, and some boards used to program automotive computers.

    As a side note, for electronic hobbyists out there, sells PCB boards for 2.50$/sq in. This is quite an amazing deal, especially on small boards. There is no minimum quantity. All boards come back double sided, silkscreen, and soldermask. This is quite an exceptional deal and I encourage everyone who needs low quantity boards to use it over some of he more expensive alternatives.

    July 6, 2005


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    I finally had some time tonight and I got this blog up and running. This was an absolute nightmare trying to find a blog that was actually integratable into a site rather than one that was a completely separate page.

    Hopefully I will have some time soon here to keep putting up some more projects. I have most of them already written up, its just a matter of uploading all of the files and formatting them properly.